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Booking agent/Manager Rebecca Young: 504-908-7868

Fly Fishing

WB Outfitters offers offshore and inland fishing trips at affordable rates. Clients will surely enjoy their adventure because of our well-experienced crews. They have in-depth knowledge of the different fishing methods and techniques, so you won't have to worry even if you are new to this type of activity. You can always choose the traditional way of fishing or choose a specific method such as fly fishing. This technique is a bit difficult to master so you need some practice when doing fly casting. But we at WB Outfitters will make your learning experience more fun and enjoyable. We always guide our clients and even teach them some basic techniques to get their first catch.

Our fly fishing service is also open for sport fishing enthusiasts. Since fishing is also our passion, most of our clients became our friends. This makes every trip more fun and fulfilling for our clients. We are a home-grown company, so most of our local clients prefer our services. But don't worry if you're from other states since we also cater to non-residents. With us, you are guaranteed of a unique but fun fishing trip anytime of the day. Call us now to learn more about our services and the specific packages that we offer.

Schedule Your Fly Fishing Trip Today

Our fly fishing trips are open for individuals, couples, families, and groups. We urge you to book in advance so you can have a hassle-free fishing adventure. This will also help us prepare whatever request you may have. This package includes cleaning and bagging of your fish during the 8 hour trip. We have a different pricing scheme for groups so please call or text us at 504-908-7868 for more information.

Your safety is our priority, so we make sure that our boat is well-maintained and operated by a licensed crew. We have all the required permits and licenses, as well as modern fishing gear and equipment.

An Exciting Fly Fishing Experience

At WB Outfitters, you are guaranteed of an exciting fly fishing experience. We will bring you to areas where you can surely catch a variety of fish species. If you are a newcomer in this kind of adventure, our crews can teach you some casting techniques to increase your chance of catching one. They can show you how to cast properly and select the best fly for your fishing gear. We maintain a number of fly rods, reels, fly line and backing, leader and tippet, and different types of flies.

Call us now for your next fly fishing adventure.