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Executive Chef Services

Executive Chef Services, New Orleans LA Do you need a personal chef to ensure the success of your special event or occasion? With an in-house food guru in the person of Chef Burney Young, we can provide clients with mouth-watering meals and desserts. He has decades of experience in this area and has an excellent reputation among tourists and local clients. We also have the capability to serve large number of clients and guests. We can satisfy your guests’ discriminating palate and provide a complete catering package that comes with a friendly rate. Call us today to know more about our executive chef services.

Well-experienced Executive Chef

Our company chef has 20 plus years in the culinary industry, making him well-respected and experienced enough to meet the demands of our valued clients. He has handled all kinds of events and has the dexterity to prepare both local and international cuisine. Chef Burney shares our passion to provide total customer satisfaction with the value for money services that we render.

Aside from sheer lengthy experience, he also has TWIC registration that allows him to take guests to areas and ports that require vessels and operators to have the said certification. Moreover, Chef Young has OUPV (Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessel) 6-pack license that legally permits him to accompany clients to maritime locations without undergoing inspection by relevant authorities. These clearances ensure hassle-free trips aboard our charter boat and more time for our dear guests to enjoy great food and longer bonding time with loved ones and friends.

Catering Services that We Offer

We are the perfect company to hire if you need competent executive chef services for your planned trip offshore or inland. Our services are available in both short and long term to suit clients’ needs and budget. Here are the different catering packages that we can offer to you:

  • Custom catering. Let us ensure that your food requirements for your planned special event will be fully met. We can prepare set meals according to your preferences so you can eat all the meals that you and your guests love.

  • Camp and lodge catering. Whether you have your own lodge facilities or you’re planning a weekend camping, we can guarantee that you’ll enjoy excellent food. Our chef can prepare your desired meals onsite or you can have them delivered by our friendly staff.

  • Long range fishing catering. You can avail our catering services together with our chartered fishing packages for total convenience. Our boat is complete with the navigational and communication equipment for a safe trip, while our chef can take care of your gustatory needs.

  • Remote location catering. Going off-grid and into a remote location with your family or closest pals? No worries! We can guarantee you’ll never go hungry or eat unsavory food while you’re a long way from civilization. Our executive chef services cover even remote locations so clients can enjoy comfort food when desired.

Highly Personalized Service

Our chef can guarantee delicious food – appetizers, main course, finger food, and desserts – prepared in a personalized manner. This means that Chef Burney can satisfy specific meal requests of individuals, couples, groups. So, whether you are celebrating in a camp or offshore, rest assured that you’ll have all the food that you desire for a truly extraordinary experience.

We Provide Services to the Following Cities, Towns and Surrounding Regions of LA: