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WB Outfitters offers complete adventure packages. For decades now, we have been offering exceptional services that include inshore and offshore fishing, as well as hunting. We also have an in-house professional chef that can make any trip a special occasion. Our attention to clients’ needs is unmatched and our resolve to ensure that they travel safely and have an enjoyable trip is unwavering. We are the company to hire if you want to make memories with your loved ones and friends doing fulfilling and exciting outdoor activities.

Inshore Fishing

We guarantee to bring you to some great fishing areas in Louisiana for inshore fishing such as Venice and waters around New Orleans. Whether you’re into sport fishing or just doing it for recreation, we have the equipment and experienced guides to ensure you’ll have a blast. We have a 22’-24’ bay boat that is equipped with navigation devices, safety equipment and all the needed fishing gear. Expect to catch flounder, red fish, speckle trout, and many other species of fish. Our rates for inshore fishing are all-inclusive to include sports drinks, water, bait , fish cleaning and bagging services. Read More About Inland Fishing »

Offshore Fishing

There are many great reasons why we are better and different from other companies offering charter trips for offshore fishing. First, we have a well-equipped 30’ center console boat manned by a licensed operator and crews. Our boat is also well maintained and able to guarantee a safe travel at sea. Another reason is that our offshore fishing services come with all the gear and supplies you need such as bait, ice and water. We also offer fish cleaning and bagging. Get ready to catch black fin tunas, amberjacks, yellow fins, and king mackerels. Read More About Offshore Fishing »

Fly Fishing

You can go on a fly fishing trip in a lake, river, or sea – whichever catches your fancy. If you're new to this technique, we'll be glad to teach you the perfect way to cast your reel with a high chance of landing a fish. Moreover, we can bring you to areas where you can surely catch a big one, since we have been doing such trips for decades now. We have different flies for specific fish species, so you can easily catch the most number of fish possible. You can also request for specific flies and we’ll source them for you so you can fish in a style that’s most comfortable on your part. For serious fishing enthusiasts, you can bring your custom-built fishing gear. Read More About Fly Fishing »

Duck Hunting

If you need people who can bring you to the best duck hunting locations in Venice, LA, please call us at once. We will provide you with the right hunting gear and equipment or even teach you some basic duck hunting skills so you can enjoy a productive trip. We can secure the necessary permit and assist you throughout the trip to make it safe and enjoyable. We have assisted countless clients through the years, so you can be sure that we know how to guarantee client enjoyment with every hunting trip that we facilitate. Read More About Duck Hunting »

Executive Chef Services

Do you want an executive chef during your charter trip or during a special occasion? If so, we can provide you with an experienced one who can prepare sumptuous meals and food that are truly irresistible. Our in-house chef, Burney Young, has TWIC registration and OUPV license so you can expect him to take you and your group to allowed waters without any legal problem. Whether you need him for a remote location catering or for a camp and lodge catering, you can be sure that he’ll be ready to cook your desired meals. All you have to do is prepare your tummy for a gustatory experience with our affordable executive chef services. Read More About Executive Chef Services »